German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati
Deutsch-Amerikanische Bürger-Liga von Gross-Cincinnati
Bloatarian Brewing League
An amateur brewing club that encourages the preservation of traditional German beer styles.

The Bloatarian Brewing League was founded in 1986 by Ray Spangler of Erlanger, Kentucky. Today, it is the oldest and largest organization of homebrewers in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. With almost 200 active members and an equal number of occasional participants, the Bloatarians have provided brewing demonstrations, educational presentations, and volunteer assistance to a wide variety of commercial, civic and charitable events since 1986.

Contact: Rob Westendorf (513) 245-1224
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The main purpose of the club is to assist its members in improving the quality of their beers. Another goal is to educate the public in the responsible enjoyment of traditional, high quality beer styles. To this end, many members of the BBL have done a great deal of research on forgotten beer styles and brewing techniques, helping to preserve an important part of our heritage.

The general public is not yet aware of the vast range of German beers. The range includes pale lagers like the German Pilsner and Dortmunder styles, through the darker Munich Dunkel, Oktoberfest, and Schwarzbier. German ales like Kölsch and Altbier are so rare in the United States that there are only a handful of examples available. German wheat beers include the famous Bavarian Hefe-weizen and the distinctive Berliner Weisse. German specialty beers such as Bamberg Rauchbier and Steinbier are still difficult to find.

The members of the Bloatarian Brewing League will help anyone interested in homebrewing, and anyone who simply wants to develop a deeper appreciation of these delightful products of the German Brewer's art. The club's ranks include many registered beer judges, all the way up through the rank of Master Beer Judge. Brewing competitions are held several times a year, and are open to anyone.