German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati
Deutsch-Amerikanische Bürger-Liga von Gross-Cincinnati
Catholic Kolping Society

Blessed Father Adolph Kolping founded the Kolping Society in 1849 in Elberfeld, Germany as a journeyman's society or Gesellenverein. At that time, journeymen from all trades were expected to work with master craftsmen in different towns in order to get a variety of experiences before settling in one place. Their quarters were almost always substandard. Father Kolping established houses, somewhat on the order of the YMCA facilities, that provided affordable accommodations in a Christian atmosphere. His motto was, and is today: "Good families make a good nation." The Kolping Society has always supported mankind by fostering the spirituality of the individual, integrity of the family, devotion to one's vocation and loyalty to one's country.

In 1924, the seeds to the present Cincinnati Kolping Center and its sports complex were planted by the thirteen members who founded the original Cincinnati Kolping branch on Republic Street in the Over-the-Rhine area. In the 1950's, the Kolping facility on Winton Road was developed. The Cincinnati Kolping Society has grown to over 1000 members and is now one of the largest Kolping families in the world.

The search for a larger facility led to the purchase of fifty-seven acres from St. Francis Seminary in 1980. The Cincinnati Kolping Society now owns fifty-two acres, a third of which is wooded, at 10235 Mill Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. This facility, known as Kolping Park, houses four soccer fields, three lighted baseball/softball diamonds, volleyball courts, a maintenance and recreation building and a children's play area. The Society has a large clubhouse/hall facility called the Kolping Center. Behind the Kolping Center is an outdoor pavilion and beer garden adjoining the woods.

The Kolping Society consists of many subgroups, including the Kolping Sports Club, Schützen Club, Pigeon Club, Teen Club, Young Adults, Senior Citizens, Tuesday Workers, Kolping Sängerchor, King's Court, Golf Club and Kolping Band. Various activities are sponsored throughout the year by these groups, affording wholesome recreation, athletic events, educational, cultural, musical and social opportunities for members as well as the general community.

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