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Fairview-Clifton German School

Fairview School, built in 1888 in the Romanesque Revival style, originally served 750 Cincinnati neighborhood students. The curriculum included Household Arts, Industrial Arts, Kindergarten, and until 1917, German.

By the turn of the century, the school was becoming overcrowded. A temporary structure, called the "colony" was constructed and used until 1958. Less than twenty years after the first temporary structure, another temporary building was added. By the 1950s, the building was so crowded that the lower grades were taught in local churches.

Crowding was finally relieved in 1958 with the dedication of the Fairview School Annex, now referred to as the "new building." At the time, this new structure was only a part of a planned new building, with the "old building" scheduled to be demolished. Due to declining numbers of children attending Fairview in the 1960s, this plan was never implemented.

In the early 1970s, the Cincinnati Board of Education developed magnet schools to promote desegregation and to offer area parents more choices regarding the education for their children. The magnet schools, in addition to the standard curriculum, focused on a special interest, skill, or type of teaching, and accepted applications from all over the city of Cincinnati.

Fairview-Clifton German School is Cincinnati's second oldest magnet school. It began with the addition of two first and second grade classrooms at neighborhood schools at Fairview School and Schiel School in 1974. Since World War I, this was the first public school program in the U.S. to offer intensive instruction in German to primary students.

The brand new school is located at 3689 Clifton Ave, in Clifton, and is part of the Cincinnati Public School System.

Noted for its excellence in German instruction, Fairview-Clifton German School participates in the annual German-American Heritage Month, with a special German-American Day program, involving several hundred of the children from the school.

The school also sponsors an annual Fasching and creates its own t-shirts and sweatshirts containing the school's logo.

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