German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati
Deutsch-Amerikanische Bürger-Liga von Gross-Cincinnati
Händlemaier's Freunde Cincinnati e.V.
An club whose members are loyal to and enjoy eating the finest mustard available.

    Händlmaier's Freunde Cincinnati e.V. is the second Händlmaier's Freunde club in the world. The original was founded in early 2004 by Gunnar Giftthaler in Landshut, Bavaria. The club has a single purpose: we want to share a mustard with all of those on our Home Planet: The Luise Händlmaier-Mustard. It all began at the Rosenhof restaurant in Landshut, at the 80 th birthday celebration of Hedi, one of Mr. Giftthaler's relatives. All present agreed that Händlmaier's is the finest mustard available, and that it can be found in everyone's kitchen cabinet. At this point, enough of the ingredients necessary for the foundation of a fan club were present. At the Stube, the local party hut, the idea for a mustard fan club was shared with others, and interest gradually increased until an actual fan club could be founded. But official status came later through the efforts of Rudi Lichtmannecker, who raised even more interest and organized all of the paperwork for the formation of the club. After the writing of a constitution of ground rules and a visit by a notary, a notice about the fan club was placed in a newspaper. At this point, the fan club became an e.V. (an official German non-profit organization).

    Händlmaier's Freunde Cincinnati e.V. was founded by Scott Scholz, who had become a member of the original group while living in Bavaria. Mr. Scholz enjoyed the club events enough to try to bring the club across the Atlantic to Cincinnati, his hometown. On October 28, 2006, the Cincinnati chapter met for the first time at the Steuben Halle in Clifton. The members enjoyed a traditional Weißwurstessen, followed by attending the University of Cincinnati's victory over Syracuse University in the homecoming football game.

    While still in its infancy, Händlmaier's Freunde Cincinnati has garnered a lot of interest from people in the Tri-State area, as well as some from Dayton and Columbus. The group attempts to meet once or twice a month in a social environment. Activities range from simply eating sausages to Cincinnati Reds games, skiing excursions, picnics, and bonfires. Many traditional Bavarian activities will be held throughout the year, including a Maibaumüberwachung. For more information and to keep apprised of current events, please visit the club's website at or join the mailing list by sending an email to

Contact: Scott Scholz 859.496.1458