German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati
Deutsch-Amerikanische Bürger-Liga von Gross-Cincinnati
Catholic Kolping Sängerchor

We are a group of singers dedicated to the preservation of German song.  We are a self-sustaining local German folk choir (Saengerchor) that is a subgroup of the much larger Catholic Kolping Society of Cincinnati. The Saengerchor has around 75 active members. The Kolping Society of Cincinnati is part of an even larger national and international organization headquartered in Cologne, Germany founded by Blessed Adolf Kolping in the 1860's.

The Saengerchor is a member of the Nord-Amerikanische Saengerbund (North-American Singers Association or NASB), a national organization of over 40 German choirs that was founded in Cincinnati in 1849. We are also members of the Southern-Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana District of the NASB and the Deutsche-Saengerbund of Germany.

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