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Munich Sister City Association

The Munich Sister City Association of Greater Cincinnati is a group of volunteers whose goal is to promote business, cultural, educational, legal and sports exchanges between the cities of Cincinnati, Ohio USA and Munich, Germany. The Munich Sister City Association of Greater Cincinnati is a founding member of the official Sister Cities Association of Greater Cincinnati, a member of Sister Cities International, Inc.

The first effort to establish a Sister City relationship between Munich and Cincinnati was made in 1951. In that year Cincinnati City Council passed a resolution to form a committee of citizens known as the Cincinnati City Affiliation Committee. The purpose of the committee was to create a connection with one or several Western European cities. Based on our historical ties the committee informed City Council that it had selected Munich. The Cincinnati Mayor, Albert D. Cash, wrote to the Lord Mayor of Munich, Mr. Wimmer, informing him of this selection and asking if Munich would be in agreement. He also suggested that a similar committee be formed in Munich. Lord Mayor Wimmer subsequently informed Mayor Cash that Munich agreed to the affiliation with Cincinnati and that they also had formed a committee. In spite of many smaller individual activities, this effort was not successful and no significant results were achieved.

The unofficial Sister City partnership with Munich was revived in 1984 when a Cincinnati-Munich Sister City Committee was formed. The driving force behind the 1984 revival of interest was Auguste Kent, who was born in Munich and visited her native city every year.

In April 1985 a delegation of the Cincinnati-Munich Sister City Committee went to Munich and met at the Munich City Hall with Lord Mayor Georg Kronawitter and two of Munich's City Council members. They discussed with the Munich officials the eventual formation of a formal Sister City partnership, which was to serve as a basis for increased business, educational and cultural exchanges between the two cities.

In July 1989 the official Sister City relationship was established. Lord Mayor of Munich, Georg Kronawitter, came to Cincinnati. Accompanying him were six key members of the Munich City Government including the three heads of the leading political parties. They were officially received by Mayor Charles Luken at City Hall.

In September 1989 a delegation from the City of Cincinnati, consisting of Mayor Luken and members of the Cincinnati-Munich Sister City Committee, visited Munich for the official Sister City signing ceremony in the Old Rathaus. They were guests of the Lord Mayor of Munich, Georg Kronawitter, and the City of Munich for their Oktoberfest. The official signing of the Munich-Cincinnati Sister City document was on September 18, 1989. Afterwards Mayor Charles Luken and Auguste Kent entered their names in the "Golden Book" of Munich, taking their place alongside Kings, Queens, and Popes.

In June of 1990 an 18 member delegation from Munich visited Cincinnati to sign the Munich-Cincinnati Sister City document. Mayor Charles Luken and Lord Mayor Georg Kronawitter signed the documents on June 6 in the City Hall Council Chamber.

The first Chair Person of the Munich Sister City Committee was Auguste Kent. In December 1992 the Cincinnati-Munich Sister City Committee decided that they should become a separate entity, while still remaining under the Sister City Association umbrella, but having their own constitution and bylaws. The Munich Sister City Association of Greater Cincinnati was formed. The first President was Wilhelm Gottenbusch followed by Ute Päpke, Max Keck, and Ingrid Thomas. In April 2005, A.M. Kinney III was elected President.

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