German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati
Deutsch-Amerikanische Bürger-Liga von Gross-Cincinnati

The Wagner Society of Cincinnati

The Wagner Society of Cincinnati was founded on 13. June. 2010, on the occasion of the presentation "Wagner and his Music: Die Meistersinger Revealed" by Jim Slouffman, at the German Heritage Pioneer Museum.

"The Wagner Society of Cincinnati's Mission will be to promote the study of the music of Richard Wagner and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of his works. "

This mission will be accomplished by promoting lectures, watching media presentations, and attending performances of Wagner music dramas. The Society will maintain a library of books on Wagner's works and make available to its members information pertaining to local, regional, national and international productions of Wagner's music dramas.

The Wagner Society of Cincinnati is financially self-sustained through dues, donations, and fund raising endeavors. The official uniform of the Society is the artist's black beret.  The black beret will be worn at all meetings and gatherings of the Society as a matter of respect to the Master.

Future activities of the Wagner Society of Cincinnati are special presentations on Wagner's works, Wagner Musicales featuring live performances, viewing and listening to various Wagner related DVD and CD's, and group travel adventures to see Wagner productions around the area.

Interested persons can get membership information and a list of activities of the Society by contacting the Society's President, Jim Slouffman , at one of the sources listed below.